Juniors (9-13 y.o):
Half season: 155€*
Full season: 290€*

Half season: 205€*
Full season: 390€*
Competition session (Tuesdays and Thursdays): 5€/Session

Little Ninja Eagles (5-8y.o):

Half season: 145€*
Full season: 285€*

Belt Test:

Beginners’: 25€
Advanced Juniors and Seniors: 35€-55€ (depending on level and includes preparation camp).
New belt: 10€
Little Ninja Eagles: 20€ (incl. belt)


International instructors/teachers: 55-200€/camp
Black Eagle Taekwon-Do Camps: 30€/day or 40€/weekend.


Finnish Taekwon-Do Federation competitions: 25€/40€ + travelling and expenses fees

International competitions:

Varies according to event

ITF Finland’s license and insurance (compulsary):

32€-205€ more info (in Finnish)

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